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 Shut the barn door!

From tees and bling to tack and chunky things, We have ya' covered Cowgirl!


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Turquoise, howlite, nuggets, rondelles, gemstones, jasper, swarovski crystlas, flatback rhinestones, animal print, acrylic, glass, ceramic, silver, jade, lampwork, clasps, round, sqare, oval, stars, hearts, leopard, zebra, stripes, polka dot...just to name a few of our wide variety of cool cowgirl beads. 
Fun, wild, chunky, funky beads
I said it first...Step into our arena and get your cowgirl on!!
We love to cater and pamper all the soulful cowgirls, that be city or country gals, with our collection of Buckaroo Bead Jewelry making supplies. It's a cowgirl thing so get your cowgirl bling! From ranch Divas to runway Cowgirl; From classic fashion to grunge; from trendy tweens to Rodeo Queens; to the sort of twisted fun and cowgirl couture, you can now make it yourself knowing that your piece is made from quality gemstones and bling from Buckaroo Beads. Whether your fashion tastes favor country or rock, every fashionista will benefit from our own western inspired chunky strands of exotic beads.  
 Give your own "hooves" a rhinestone treat with our wide selection of flip flops, featuring camouflage pistols & pink Cowgirl Flip Flops! You will also be suprised to find plus size fashions and belts for the curvacious full figured cowgirls. We invite rodeo girls, ranch divas, punchy cowgirls, horse enthusiasts, dreamers, or even if you are just a cowgirl at heart, to unsaddle and and visit a while. 
Get your Cowgirl on!~~
A Cowgirl is an attitude, really. A pioneer spirit, a special American brand of courage. The cowgirl faces life head on, lives by her own rights, and makes no excuses. Cowgirls take stands. They speak up. They defend the things they hold dear. A cowgirl might be a rancher, or a barrel racer, or a bull rider, or an actress. But she’s just as likely to be a checker at the local super market, a full-time mother, a banker, an attorney, or an astronaut.” - Dale Evans Rogers
Many beads to offer: Turquoise, chunky, chunky beads, funky, funky beads, cowgirl beads, haute beads, cowgirl, cowgirl necklaces, handmade, hand made, bling, blingy beads, pink, fuchsia, hot pink, turtle, pressed, magesite, howlite, buffalo white, red, yellow, green, lime green, purple, maple, orange, apricot, butterscotch, round, rondelle, disc, chips, rectangle, oval, square, cross, pendant, twiwt, doughnut, cabachons, peace, sugar skulls,barrels, eggs, cube, fleur de lis, angel wing, leaf, brown, black, hopi, native, indian, navajo, charms, fetish, bear, kokopelli, horse, southwest, tribal, western, zebra, cheetah, leopard, shell, nuggets, gemstones, dalmation, acrylic, lucite, silver, sterling silver, brass, copper, toggles, lobster clasps, bling, swarovski crystals, fire and ice, opal, jasper, onyx, glass pearls, ceramic, clay, jade, sardonyx.
Custom Cowgirl Jewelry, Handbags, Clothing and more!
Bailey, a spunky little Cinderella cowgirl herself, offers an exotic, funky and "dare to be different" line of hand crafted cowgirl and girly-girl jewelry. From classic fashion jewelry to grunge to the hip and modern colorful & chunky cowgirl jewelry, we can make it for you knowing that your piece is a Buckaroo Beads original. Quality workmanship and materials are at the top of our priorities. Statement necklaces, dainty necklaces, turquoise nugget watches, wild animal print bracelets, domino pendants, badge lanyards and embellished buckles and conchos adorned with Swarovski crystals are just a small list of what we, as spirited cowgirls ourselves can create for you. We invite rodeo girls, ranch divas, horse enthusiasts, dreamers, or even if you are just a cowgirl at heart, to come shop at Buckaroo Beads

Some of the Brands We Love and are looking into stocking:

Cowgirl tuff, Stetson, Old Gringo Boots, Corral Boots, AG Denim, Seven Jeans. Vocal, Velvet Stone, Miss Me Jeans, Urban Mango, Rebel Rose, Tumbleweed, Dear John, Justin Boots, Ariat Boots, Big Buddha, Wrangler, Pendleton, Capri Blue Candles, Panhandle Slim, Key, Dang Chicks, Ali Dee, Umgee USA, Go Girly, Umgee Plus, Jack N Jinger, Cruel Girl, Nick and Mo, Urban Mango, Same Spirit Jewelry, Yahada, Cowgirl Jewels, LA Idol, Ya, Grace in LA, Me'chant, ATX Mafia, Gypsy Soule, Cowgirl fashions, Funky Dresses, stylish Cowgirl Expressions, sparkly jewelry, purses, hand painted shoes, country boutique, blingy flip-flops, and more! Great Brands like: ATX Mafia, DANG, Bandit Brand, B.B. Simon, Ariat, American West, Aura, Bejeweled, Boulet, Boss Lady, Cowgirl Tuff, Cruel Girl, Double D Ranchwear, Equibrand / Classic, Miss Me, Montana Clothing Company, Kippy, Montana Silversmiths, Paige Wallace, Pendleton, Ed Hardy, Rocki Gormann, Rocky,Skinny Minnie, Texas Couture, Wrangler, Punchy Cowgirl, Cowgirl Justice, Katydid, and more!

Fun Cowgirl Sayings: 
"Ride em like you stole em",
 "Queen of Freakin Everything"
“A cowgirl gets up in the morning, decides what she wants to do and does it.” â�• Marie Lords, 1861

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